Your new

Best Friend

From Space

5,555 little monsters that live light years from Earth.

What is a DoomBoo?

DoomBoo’s are cute little monsters living on the ethereum blockchain. There’s only 5,555 of them and 2 different species: Doom & Boo. They used to be millions. What happened? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out on your journey with us! 

Millions of years ago, before any of us were born, before humans ever existed, their spaceship crashed on earth. Most of them died in the crash, but there was one survivor. The legend says he’s been among us this whole time, and now he’s reaching out to 5,554 of his friends. When? Why? How? We don’t know this stuff, but one thing we know for sure is that they are coming… 

Their planet is being invaded by their biggest enemy, the Zorgons, which is why they need to find a new planet to establish their colony and for that, they chose the earth. Look out your window late at night, you might see their spaceship as they’re getting closer and closer.

Who are The Zorgons?

Zorgons are lizard-like monsters, also known as DoomBoo’s Worst Enemies. They’re invading DoomBoo’s planet right now.

There are only 555 Zorgons, but they are mean and fearless and they have a mission to eliminate all DoomBoos.

So, will the 5555 DoomBoos stop the Zorgons from killing them all?

Our Vision

We are a group of motivated people trying to make the NFT space a better place and to do that, we need your help! 

Our goal is to build a strong community and meet all our holders in real life through exclusive events or in the metaverse. 

Like mentioned before in our discord, most of the money from our upcoming drops will be spent buying real world assets and to host parties in the real world. community is everything.

Allow us to Introduce our


We are not your ordinary NFT collection. We are DoomBoo, we are family.

Doom x Boo

We can differentiate the Doom’s from the Boo’s by their ears. Doom ears are round while Boo ears are pointed.

Doom I
Doom II
Doom III
Boo I
Boo II

Launch Timeline

Single player game launch

DoomBoo vs Zorgons, a game where a single player runs through obstacles & fight their way through the Zorgons using a laser pistol.

The Zorgons launch

The Zorgons will be entering the metaverse. (coming soon)

DoomBoo launch

Whitelisted people will be able to mint their DoomBoo. A public launch will take place the next day.

Play-To-Earn game launch

You will be able to integrate your NFT within our game and compete against other holders to win a weekly prize fund.

Launch of $BOO token

You will be able to stake your DoomBoo or Zorgon to earn tokens daily. You will be able to use your tokens in our upcoming P2E game.


10% of any royalties will be added to a prize fund and will be given away to holders every week.

DoomBoo foundation

Our goal is not only to create the best community, but also to help people indeed around the world.

As seen on


There’s 2 ways to get a WL spot.

1. Be active & engage with the community.

2. Win a WL giveaway. we are doing many giveaways & collabs with other successful NFT projects daily!

The Zorgons: 0.25 ETH, may 16th 11:00 AM (EST)

Supply: 555

DoomBoo: TBA

Supply: 5555

Each Doom Buddies can mint up to 2 DoomBoo’s!

Coming Soon

Meet Our Team

Max per TX:20
Total cost: 0.25 ETH